Products & Services

Mountain View Denture Clinic, Alberta Clinic, Alberta Dentures

What Our Office Offers You and Your Loved Ones;

– Standard and Premium Cosmetic Dentures
– Full Dentures
– Partial Dentures
– Flippers Dentures
– Immediate Dentures
– Implanted Supported Dentures
– Custom Mouth Guards
– Repairs and Adjustments
– Relines
– Soft Liners
– Professional Cleaning & Polishing
– Denture Care Products – Nu-Dent Professional Denture Cleaner, Secure Denture Adhesive, Denture Tooth Brushes, Denture Cups
– All Denture Benefit Programs Accepted
– Direct Insurance Billing
– No Charge Consultation
– House and Hospital Visits
– Wheelchair Accessible
– No Referrals Necessary

We are a full service clinic, with onsite lab for quick turnaround times. We pledge to give you the best possible options for your specific oral health needs.